Showcase: Adobe

Adobe’s Mission in Education is to inspire and empower the next generation to be lifelong creators. The showcase The development of digital literacy in education is an imperative to enable all future workers to have the future digital skills needed for Australia to thrive in a global economy. The Adobe team will be displaying a […]

Showcase: Nearmap

Nearmap is a world leader in location intelligence. It provides easy, instant access to high resolution aerial imagery, city-scale 3D content, artificial intelligence data sets, and geospatial tools. The showcase Nearmap is showcasing, a changing climate: Location data/imagery supporting recovery efforts after major natural disasters + AI data helping to monitor changes in vegetation across […]

Showcase: Zepto

Zepto is an Australian start-up headquartered in Byron Bay that is transforming the way value moves through the digital economy. Zepto is a real-time, data-driven, account-to-account open banking payments platform that enables organisations to make, manage and receive payments by connecting them directly to customers bank accounts. Zepto creates innovative solutions that redefine the payment […]

Showcase: Year13

Helping young people live happier more fulfilling lives by upgrading the school-to-work transition. We build content and software tools for Students, Schools, Parents, Industry and Government that help to upgrade the school to work transition Our product stack is focused around bringing the ecosystem together via the vertical integration of the school to work journey. […]

Showcase: Xefco

Xefco® is an Australian materials science company focussed on sustainable manufacturing technologies for the textile industry. Leveraging a global network of research partners, Xefco develops advanced manufacturing solutions with a focus on functional improvements, sustainable manufacturing and reduced resource consumption. The showcase Xefco will be showcasing high performance textiles and garments made using Xefco’s advanced […]

Showcase: Reason Group

Reason Group is a homegrown Australian business and technology services firm that specialises in the personalisation of government. Our purpose is to make government easier for those that deliver it and the people it serves. We partner with you to unlock opportunities within the unique complexity of our Australian government landscape. ​ We are known for […]

Showcase: QuintessenceLabs

QuintessenceLabs offers a suite of unrivalled cybersecurity solutions for today and tomorrow, including their flagship product the Trusted Security Foundation (TSF). The showcase QuintessenceLabs will be showcasing Quantum-enhanced cybersecurity solutions. The strength of today’s encryption is heavily dependent on the quality of cryptographic keys. Encryption key management is one of the most complex challenges in […]

Showcase: Quantum Brilliance

Quantum Brilliance manufactures room temperature diamond quantum computers. Because we harness synthetic diamonds for our qubits, our quantum computers do not require bulky and fragile infrastructure to operate (which is required by other technologies led by IBM, Google, IonQ, etc.). Tomorrow’s quantum computers can become miniaturisable and mass deployable, for example in satellites, cars, hospitals, […]