Parliamentary Innovation Tech Showcase

AusAgritech is shaping the future of Agritech in Australia and its contribution to the Australian economy. Agritech is a standalone sector which applies technology to the agri-food supply chain, and contemporaneously crosses over into energy, water, sustainability, environment, climate, industry and emissions reduction.

The showcase

Cibolabs – Building Solutions for Agriculture, biophysical remote sensing, pasture biomass estimation, land condition monitoring, machine learning, systems architecture design and platform development, industry analysis and reporting systems, strategic consulting.

MAIT Industries – MAIT Industries are leaders in the design and manufacture of hardware and software for monitoring and control systems for Agriculture, Turf and Environmental applications.

Ceres Tag – Animal monitoring made easier, more accurate, and more accessible. All data is transmitted directly via a constellation of low earth orbit (LEO) satellites. This ensures data can be securely collected without any other infrastructure. Ceres Tag data is stored in the cloud, and can be accessed through your existing herd or farm management software. Ceres Tag is partnered with these programs to send your tag data. This allows your data to be combined, analysed, and visualized in the most powerful and meaningful way for you.

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