Parliamentary Innovation Tech Showcase

Dazychain was founded by Yarris to solve a problem – how to organise in-house legal services so that lawyers can be more fulfilled in their professional lives. In-house lawyers have to do more with less, and generally without the technology that the private firms enjoy. Our ambition was to build a platform to streamline legal operations, specially designed for in-house.

Dazychain has a female CEO, female founder, female developers, testers, sales leaders, marketers and operations managers. We’re building tech for women by women.

We make working together a joy, bringing together companies and their contingent workforces (contractors, consultants, legal firms) to collaborate: share conversations, documents, deep process workflows, and automations.

The showcase

The team is demonstrating Dazychain, the next generation collaboration software for executives, senior managers and legal teams collaborating on projects both across the organisation and with external consultants, suppliers and law firms.

The world of work has changed forever with the digital revolution transforming every aspect of the services economy. Enterprises and governments need innovative, digital solutions to manage and to collaborate on complex services in legal, construction and insurance with suppliers and sub-contractors.

We help customers select the best suppliers, share and allocate work, manage the supplier’s performance, check compliances, close out work orders, make payments and generate customised reports. over $1 Billion of services passes through our systems each year.

Yarris Technologies’ cloud-based systems are designed for productivity-minded enterprises and governments who want to digitally transform their workplaces to create a better future for us all.

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