Parliamentary Innovation Tech Showcase

The espresso Display is the world’s thinnest portable touch monitor. Designed and engineered in Sydney, Australia, the Display is a highly functional and aesthetic device that allows users to be productive from anywhere. It sets up in seconds with only 1 cable needed to connect to a Mac, PC, gaming device or phone. With a sleek aluminium build, the Display can fit in bags easily and is still robust and durable. 

The showcase

On display is the espresso Displays hardware.

Play a round of Pictionary

espresso Displays enable touch and drawing capabilities with our espressoPen (a world-first when used with an Apple Mac) so we want to showcase this through this drawing game. The things they have to draw can be topical to the event. 

Play Mario Kart

This will showcase the device’s wide-ranging compatibility. It can be used with Mac, PC, phones and gaming devices! This will spark joy and fun in the room, making your day memorable. There’s always space for bringing out the child in us!

Visit espresso Display’s website

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