Parliamentary Innovation Tech Showcase

Microsoft’s partner Indigital is Australia’s first Indigenous edu-tech company, specialising in the development and delivery of Indigenous-led digital skills training programs that specialise in Web3 technologies: AI, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, and Augmented and Mixed Reality.

The showcase

Indigital will be showcasing Indigenous designed digital skills training for K-12 students and educators in Web3 technologies: AI, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, and Augmented and Mixed Reality.

Indigital exists to help preserve and proliferate 80,000 years of human knowledge while engaging First Nations peoples in education that leads to skills, jobs and wealth creation to build a stronger future for all. Indigital’s programs are designed through an Indigenous cultural lens, providing a meaningful pathway for Indigenous peoples into the digital economy, entrepreneurship, and the cultural creation of future technologies.

Indigital has partnered with Microsoft for the last four years on numerous programs including our flagship program, Indigital Schools. Indigital Schools is an Indigenous designed digital skills training program for K-12 students and educators in Web3 technologies. It enables Indigenous and non-Indigenous young people to connect with and learn from Elders about cultural knowledge, history and language, while learning digital skills in cutting-edge technologies like animation and coding. Indigital Schools connects students to the Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander culture of the community in which each school exists.

As Australia’s first Indigenous edu-tech company, Microsoft partner, Indigital, through the Indigital Schools program, has made building skills in Web3 technologies accessible, affordable and easy to use in the classroom, and on Country. Our education platform works with our Augmented Reality app to create a hands-on digital learning experience that enables learners to build digital skills, gain cultural understanding and create AR content of their own.

Through the Indigital Schools program:

  • Students learn skills for the future, anchored on First Nations ways of knowing, being and doing to create an AR experience they can share.
  • Educators build confidence in delivering First Nations content in the classroom, while teaching digital skills using Indigital’s Education Platform and app, Minecraft Education Edition and 3D modelling software.
  • First Nations peoples build skills and understanding in Web3 technologies and the opportunities to express cultural knowledge in these new technologies.

Visitors to the Indigital display will be guided through an immersive experience using the Indigital Storytelling AR app. The Indigital Storytelling app enables users and creators to view AR content anywhere, anytime. By downloading the Indigital Storytelling app on an iOS or Android device, users will follow the steps to scan the QR codes on display to view AR cultural content created by participants in the Indigital Schools programs. This immersive 3D 

cultural content will also be available to view through the Hololens, exploring the potential of Mixed Reality technologies, and the potential of First Nations storytelling through new technologies.

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