Parliamentary Innovation Tech Showcase

Qualtrics helps businesses, governments, and academia tune into what matters most to customers, employees, citizens, and students, and then take meaningful action with empathy, speed, and scale. This gives organisations the ultimate advantage in their journeys to find and keep customers, and retain and attract talent.

The showcase

Qualtrics will be showcasing making government more human – responding with empathy at scale.

Through the pandemic and into 2022’s adverse weather conditions, Qualtrics has worked with government agencies in Australia and across the globe to manage their crisis response.

This showcase demonstrates how Qualtrics enables government agencies to rapidly launch tailored engagement platforms to citizens capturing meaningful insights that only need to be shared once, and then help them take fast, effective action to address citizen needs.

We will show how this has been used through the 2019/20 bushfire season and throughout the pandemic, and how this local innovation is now being scaled to help deliver humanitarian aid and support in Ukraine.

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