Parliamentary Innovation Tech Showcase

Quantum Brilliance manufactures room temperature diamond quantum computers. Because we harness synthetic diamonds for our qubits, our quantum computers do not require bulky and fragile infrastructure to operate (which is required by other technologies led by IBM, Google, IonQ, etc.). Tomorrow’s quantum computers can become miniaturisable and mass deployable, for example in satellites, cars, hospitals, offices and data centres. This radically transforms the future taking quantum from mainframe to mainstream.

The showcase

Quantum Brilliance is showcasing, Quantum Computing – diamond quantum computers at room temperature.

Our customer testimonial video, product banner and hardware MVP construct can help our audience get a concrete understanding of what does a room temperature quantum computer look and feel like. Our staff will engage with our audience to understand quantum computing at the edge applications. The audience is also able to understand the complex value chain involved in building a quantum computer by seeing what does a diamond quantum chip look like.

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