Parliamentary Innovation Tech Showcase

QuintessenceLabs offers a suite of unrivalled cybersecurity solutions for today and tomorrow, including their flagship product the Trusted Security Foundation (TSF).

The showcase

QuintessenceLabs will be showcasing Quantum-enhanced cybersecurity solutions.

The strength of today’s encryption is heavily dependent on the quality of cryptographic keys. Encryption key management is one of the most complex challenges in data security. Learn important concepts for cryptographic key generation and management and how this is addressed by QuintessenceLabs’ quantum random number generator and encryption key management and policy management solutions.

Our Quantum Random Generator, qStream, creates random numbers for the generation of cryptographic keys and other security parameters, derived from a quantum source and delivered at the speeds needed for commercial applications, ensuring strongest level of encryption.

Our Trusted Security Foundation (TSF) Key and Policy Manager is a centralised and vendor-neutral key and policy management solution. Developed over the past ten years, it is now the industry’s most secure, crypto-agile key management platform, integrating seamlessly with legacy infrastructure to provide stronger end-to-end encryption

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