Parliamentary Innovation Tech Showcase

Reason Group is a homegrown Australian business and technology services firm that specialises in the personalisation of government. Our purpose is to make government easier for those that deliver it and the people it serves. We partner with you to unlock opportunities within the unique complexity of our Australian government landscape. ​ We are known for accelerating the design and delivery of modern government platforms and services that support future economic growth and social outcomes. We are a go-to partner for government in applying AI ethically and safely in the regulation and delivery of government services.

The showcase

Reason Group will be showcasing application of supply chain data analytics & AI/ML – Making government regulation easier.

Who would have thought importing an avocado could be so much trouble.

Play a simulation showing how complex importing can be – be an importer trying to fulfil an order, or a biosecurity officer trying to keep us safe. And then experience how innovative application of technology makes it so much quicker and easier for the people involved.

Behind the scenes the Department of Agriculture is working hard to protect Australia’s biosecurity. An amazing amount of small creepy crawlies and other nasty things can wreck Australia’s environment, bio-diversity and food quality. Australian food products trade at a premium based on our high quality – anything that upsets that can have a massive economic and social impact to the country, even shutting down whole sectors from exporting!

To keep us bio-secure, the Department of Agriculture has many requirements importers must abide by. This creates complex administrative work for the importer (who must provide information at many points in the supply chain) and potential delays for consumers and businesses waiting on their orders. It also creates some complex and potentially hazardous work for public servants and/or inspectors at the border. Overall, it can make Australia as a whole much harder to trade with than we would like.

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