Parliamentary Innovation Tech Showcase

Nearmap is a world leader in location intelligence. It provides easy, instant access to high resolution aerial imagery, city-scale 3D content, artificial intelligence data sets, and geospatial tools.

The showcase

Nearmap is showcasing, a changing climate: Location data/imagery supporting recovery efforts after major natural disasters + AI data helping to monitor changes in vegetation across Australia.

Australia is a country prone to severe weather events, with conditions exacerbated by climate change. As natural disasters become more complex, unpredictable, and difficult to manage, we must take advantage of every available tool to help us plan for catastrophes and support those impacted. 

Nearmap Impact Response

Nearmap aims to capture aerial imagery following every major natural disaster in Australia that has a significant impact on property, infrastructure, and communities. Exhibit: Compare before/after aerial imagery of locations impacted by recent natural disasters including the East Coast flooding in Feb/Mar 2022. 

Australia’s Leafiest Suburbs

The liveability of our cities has never been more topical, as we emerge from our homes and once again enjoy the communities around us. Nearmap has proprietary artificial intelligence capability that can analyse current and historical aerial imagery to understand and map the changing tree canopy across Australia’s suburbs. This is the first time a study of this type has been done using a consistent methodology and a large, high-resolution data set. Having access to this information will help redress the factors denuding our suburbs of trees to develop more resilient, sustainable communities. Exhibit: Find out the greenest suburb in your Local Government Area.

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