Parliamentary Innovation Tech Showcase

Upplft isn’t just building another platform, they’re re-imagining the entire hiring experience for talent-seeking opportunities within Australia’s leading payments and fintech companies.

Upplft, using data, behavioural science and AI, matches talent and businesses using values, culture, personality, and technical and soft skills, in a non-bias way.

No more job boards, descriptions, applications, CVs or unconscious bias. Quickly and simply create a detailed profile once and for all, without the arduous task and hours of editing CV’s and creating cover letters.

The showcase

Upplft will be demonstrating the future of how talent and businesses get matched with each other. Upplft will onboard people onto the platform utilising various personality and values visuals in a very unique way. Come and see how a company will find you in the future. Imagine never applying to find a role in your favourite industry.

Visit Upplft’s website

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