Parliamentary Innovation Tech Showcase

Zepto is an Australian start-up headquartered in Byron Bay that is transforming the way value moves through the digital economy.

Zepto is a real-time, data-driven, account-to-account open banking payments platform that enables organisations to make, manage and receive payments by connecting them directly to customers bank accounts. Zepto creates innovative solutions that redefine the payment experience through automation, speed, consent, rich data and the open exchange of information.

The showcase

Zepto is showcasing PayID-powered, real-time community donations. 

To showcase one of our solutions in action, we have devised an activation that enables real-time, charitable donations directly from bank accounts via QR-code and PayID. It’s a simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Scan QR-code and copy PayID
  2. Open banking app, paste PayID and donate
  3. See your donation land in real-time [with some fanfare] on the display monitor. 

As a Byron Bay headquartered start-up we are passionate about positively contributing to our local community, so will be collecting funds for the Northern Rivers Flood Appeal. 

At Zepto we’re not just passionate about what the combination of real-time payments, decentralised identity and open banking enables for our customers. But, also the economic benefits that the adoption of new real-time payment infrastructure will enable for Australia. 

According to ACI Worldwide Australia recorded 970 million real-time transactions resulting in estimated cost savings of $205 million for businesses & consumers in 2021 – which helped to unlock $US932 million of additional economic output, representing 0.06% of the country’s GDP.

Zepto is shaping innovation in Australia’s payment infrastructure and unlocking the future of the economy through the smart, open and accessible transfer of value.

Visit Zepto’s website

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