Our mission is to shape
Australia’s digital future, together.



Annual contribution of the technology sector to the Australian economy



Biggest industry by value



Australians employed in tech jobs

The Tech Council was founded on the principle that technology can bring vast economic benefits. We see an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to Australia’s future prosperity.

What we do

At the Tech Council we want to ensure that the Australian technology industry has a trusted voice to represent it.

We advocate for the conditions tech companies need to grow, attract investment, and create jobs across a range of critical Australian industries.

To shape Australia’s digital future

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The TCA has three roles


We work closely with the industry and government on policy areas that grow the tech sector and jobs in it, such as supporting talent development; incentivising growth and investment; and ensure regulatory settings across the economy work for the tech-enabled economy.


We undertake unique, data-driven research into the impact of the tech sector, and key issues impacting it


As the unified voice for the sector, we bring government decision-makers and industry together to engage on the role, value and benefits of the tech sector to Australia 
To shape Australia’s digital future