Showcase: QuintessenceLabs

QuintessenceLabs offers a suite of unrivalled cybersecurity solutions for today and tomorrow, including their flagship product the Trusted Security Foundation (TSF). The showcase QuintessenceLabs will be showcasing Quantum-enhanced cybersecurity solutions. The strength of today’s encryption is heavily dependent on the quality of cryptographic keys. Encryption key management is one of the most complex challenges in […]

Showcase: Main Sequence

Main Sequence is a VC firm established by CSIRO to address the valley of death in commercialisation of Australian deep tech opportunities linked to the research sector. The showcase Main Sequence is showcasing, Technology developed by some of our 42 portfolio companies. Unreasonable inventors are combining cutting edge scientific discoveries with the world’s biggest challenges […]

Showcase: Haventec

Haventec is an Australian digital privacy company that was founded in 2015 to address the problem that current technologies are providing inadequate protection to sensitive information and privacy. The Showcase Haventec will be showcasing their UBank authentication case study – passwordless multifactor authentication that is as simple to use as entering a 4 digit PIN […]

Showcase: Google

Google’s mission is to make the world’s information universally accessible and useful. People around Australia – whether they’re students, businesses, nonprofits, researchers or creators – are using Google tools to help improve their lives every day. The showcase Google is showcasing how Google is helping protect the Great Barrier Reef with AI. The Great Barrier […]

Showcase: Daltrey

We’re shaking up biometrics and digital identity by building a first-of-its-kind technology to rid the world of passwords and access cards for good. Daltrey establishes a single biometric credential that can be used across any access scenario – physical or digital. This provides enterprise and government with assurance around who is accessing critical business applications […]