Showcase: Nearmap

Nearmap is a world leader in location intelligence. It provides easy, instant access to high resolution aerial imagery, city-scale 3D content, artificial intelligence data sets, and geospatial tools. The showcase Nearmap is showcasing, a changing climate: Location data/imagery supporting recovery efforts after major natural disasters + AI data helping to monitor changes in vegetation across […]

Showcase: Optus

Optus provides telecommunications and technology services to millions of Australian customers, businesses and government entities. The showcase Optus will be showcasing a 5G VR Albert Park Track Tour.  The Optus 5G network is super-fast. It’s next-gen speed and capacity will be the catalyst in empowering a raft of future technology and innovation capabilities.  As part […]

Showcase: Main Sequence

Main Sequence is a VC firm established by CSIRO to address the valley of death in commercialisation of Australian deep tech opportunities linked to the research sector. The showcase Main Sequence is showcasing, Technology developed by some of our 42 portfolio companies. Unreasonable inventors are combining cutting edge scientific discoveries with the world’s biggest challenges […]