Australian Quantum Alliance

Building a thriving quantum industry

The Australian Quantum Alliance forms part of the Tech Council of Australia.
Our vision is for a thriving quantum industry in Australia that enables innovation, jobs and economic prosperity.

The Tech Council was founded on the principle that technology can bring vast economic and social benefits. As one of Australia’s leading technology sub-sectors, quantum technology is uniquely placed to offer the most innovative solutions to the world. 
The Alliance’s mission is to promote, strengthen and connect Australia’s quantum industry.

Alliance members

What we do


We help decision-makers and the public understand and adopt quantum technology.

We do this by:

  • undertaking research into the Australian quantum industry
  • educating stakeholders, the media and public on the quantum industry, and its potential
  • developing practical examples of the quantum industry’s impact
  • promoting the adoption of quantum technologies


We provide advice to Government on the development of the Australian quantum industry

We do this by:

  • developing evidence-based policy positions to support the growth of the Australian quantum industry
  • advising governments and decision-makers on policy issues


We support the growth of the quantum industry in Australia by building partnerships with key international and local stakeholders

Through networking and events, we help quantum member companies engage with each other, key decision-makers, and the broader sector.

We partner with domestic and international collaborators on strategic initiatives.


To participate in the Australian Quantum Alliance, a company must be a Tech Council member, and satisfy the following on an ongoing basis:

  1. The TCA’s Membership Eligibility Policy, and
  2. the Australian Quantum Alliance criteria
  • Be a company that makes a significant contribution to the production or enablement of quantum technology
  • Have a local Australian operation that is actively engaged in quantum R&D and/or commercialisation activity in Australia, including with evidence of local staff, investment, or product development.