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Australia’s Tech Jobs Opportunity 

Cracking the code to Australia’s best jobs

The past two years have represented a period of unprecedented change. We’ve adapted to living apart and socialising online. Now, as Australia reopens, we are all reflecting on what we value in life and where we want to go next, as individuals, communities and ultimately as a country.

For many, this means thinking about a new career move. For an increasing number of Australians, that move will be into tech jobs. As people across the country take on these jobs – directly after training or in a transition from another sector – they are discovering that tech jobs are a ticket to a level of economic and career opportunity that far outstrips most other careers.

Tech jobs are well-paid, interesting and plentiful. Promotion is fast and opportunity is extensive. Jobs are accessible to people from all walks of life, and with a variety of skills, and there is little discrimination in pay-based on education or socioeconomic status once people break into the sector. This makes tech jobs one of the greatest forces for social mobility in Australia today.

Explore how our colleagues in the tech sector arrived via different pathways:

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