Historic partnership to solve the tech talent crisis

The Tech Council of Australia and Digital Skills Organisation sign historic partnership to solve the tech talent crisis. This strategic partnership is designed to embrace the technology jobs opportunity.

The Technology Council of Australia (TCA) and the Digital Skills Organisation (DSO) today signed an industry first partnership with the aim of solving Australia’s acute tech talent crisis.

To launch the partnership today, The Hon Stuart Robert, Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business joined TCA Board Member Scott Farquhar and Rachel Bondi from DSO at TCA Office, Jaga Workspaces.

From left to right: Rachel Bondi, Scott Farquhar, Kate Pounder,The Hon Stuart Robert and Patrick Kidd. Photo by Jamila Toderas

The TCA forecasts Australia will need 1,000,000 people in tech jobs by 2025. That means an additional 260,000 people need to enter tech jobs in the next four years.

Yasmin Allen, DSO Board Chairman said, “Finding people to fill these roles is vital, but challenging, as Australia is not producing people with these skills at scale, and they are highly sought after.”

“It is not simply a technology sector issue, it’s an economy-wide issue. Every Australian company is going through a digital transformation, accelerated through the pandemic.”

“This industry first partnership will build on the pilots DSO is doing and create more employer-led approaches by improving visibility of tech jobs opportunities and pathways into them and improving the responsiveness of the training and migration systems to employment needs.” Ms Allen said.

The DSO is working with employers to put in place a skills-based approach which provides every person with the digital skills needed for them to be successful.

“There is a significant shortfall between the demand for and supply of digitally skilled workers. DSO is playing a pivotal role helping to link employers, learners and training providers.” Ms Allen said.

The first deliverable from the partnership is creation of The Digital Employment Forum. The Forum brings together major tech employers and educators to transform Australia’s approach to attracting and training tech workers, with the aim of solving Australia’s acute tech talent crisis.

Scott Farquhar, co-CEO and co-Founder, Atlassian and Board Director, TCA said, “There is a fierce war for talent in technology, but it’s a quality problem to have.

“Australia is on the right path to embracing the enormous opportunity. The jobs are right here, ripe for the taking, if we can upskill and reskill the workforce.”

“With an estimate of 1 million tech jobs needed by 2025, we can train and employ more Australians into high-value tech careers and give our economy a post-pandemic shot in the arm.”

“From Bendigo to Bella Vista, Australians everywhere can grow into a digital career that is in high demand and highly paid.”

If we embrace this opportunity now, Australia will win.” He said.

The Digital Employment Forum comprises four distinct pillars:

  • Research – produce an innovative data-driven research program that defines and identifies tech employment needs, talent pathways, skills gaps, migration needs across the economy.
  • Strategy – develop a cross-economy digital employment workforce strategy to help align the industry, training providers and government on core industry needs, accounting for key roles and levels of skill and experience.
  • Training and Skills – bring together educators, industry and support providers together to identify skills and training needs and priorities, best practice training lessons, and to identify policy and implementation gaps for tech workforce training and development
  • Employment Matching – connect employers with education providers and workers by aggregating tech training options and employer job opportunities and programs.

Founding Employment and Training Partners Include:

– nbn co
– Swinburne University – Wesfarmers
– Woolworths

For media enquiries: media@techcouncil.com.au

Explore how we’re helping more businesses employ more Australians in secure, flexible, high-value tech jobs through the Digital Employment Forum.


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