Developing high quality public policy is our principal focus

The tech sector is a critical pillar of Australia’s economy

Research has found the tech sector contributed $167 billion per annum. That makes tech sector activity equivalent to the third biggest industry in Australia today behind mining and banking. 

The tech sector is also a major employer, with 861,000 Australians – or 1 in 16 working Australians – working in tech-related employment. Since 2005, tech jobs have grown by 66 per cent, compared to an average jobs growth rate of 35 per cent across the economy.

By 2030, tech sector activity has the potential to contribute more to GDP in Australia than primary industries or manufacturing.

We have set three goals for the tech sector in Australia​


To see 1.2 million Australians employed in jobs in tech by 2030


To increase tech’s economic contribution to $250 billion by 2030

To make Australia the best country in the world to create and invest in tech companies

Our priorities are to boost growth of the Australian tech sector; support talent attraction and development; and ensure regulatory settings across the economy work for the tech-enabled economy. 

Our public policy priorities are underpinned by a desire to see an Australia where people and businesses have confidence harnessing the power of technology, where investors have confidence backing Australian technology companies, and where technology companies have confidence investing locally, including in research and development.

Our 10-point plan

Focusing on encouraging growth and investment, creating jobs and pathways into them, and having Australia become a leader in digital economy regulation.


  • Create and grow more new businesses by addressing early-stage company funding gaps and creating more ‘shots on goal’ for high-growth companies
  • Incentivise investment and business growth, e.g. through Research and Development Incentives, defining sophisticated investor and broadening ESIC
  • Support tech take-up by Australian businesses across the economy to lift productivity


  • Achieve 1 million tech sector jobs by 2025
  • Grow the pipeline of skilled workers and pathways into tech sector jobs
  • Refine Employee Share Scheme rules  keep and reward Australian  talent
  • Target skilled migration programs by improving availability of the GTES visa and re-evaluating processes for allocation of TSS Visas


  • Be a digital economy regulation leader by encouraging the safe and early introduction of new products and services with fit-for-purpose regulation
  • Institute clear and proportionate frameworks for privacy and data protection
  • Pass security laws that protect but don’t unnecessarily inhibit