A job that is flexible around your life

Jelena has a finance background and is a mother to four young children. When she fell pregnant with her fourth child, she was planning to delay returning to work again.

However, after being approached by Espresso Displays, Jelena took on the role as Financial Controller, where the entire finance team consists of 4 part-time working mothers.

Espresso Displays designs, manufactures, and sells portable displays and accessories across the world. The finance team specifically needs to be prudent
but efficient to use the flow of data to produce reliable and timely results.

In Jelena’s own words:

“To feel happy and balanced, I need to be flexible with my hours and work location. I did wonder if that was possible, to combine having young kids and working and not feel that either of those is a major sacrifice. But here I am. It is possible with Espresso.

“I was impressed with how Espresso does it. There is no kind of restriction. There is no forcing into these nine to five workdays. So, you have to contribute, and you have to deliver, but no one is expecting you to be in the office nine to five. This was the only way it could work for me because I have kids I need to drive to school.

“Our finance team in Espresso consists fully of working mums, who want to have quality time with their kids but also would like to stay in the workforce.”

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