Clearing the path for a tech career

Faith Sylvia’s first introduction to tech was through a coding course at university. While she loved the content in her course, the competitive environment left her feeling defeated and instead pursued a finance and insurance career.

“I was suddenly thrust into this room of math and physics majors. We were graded on a curve, so I thought ‘I can’t do this, I won’t graduate from uni if I continue along this path’. I was effectively weeded out and told myself that I can’t code… Seven years later I decided to pick it back up.”

After a few years Faith decided she wanted to start a new career working in an area she loved. After pondering her passions, faith landed on giving coding another crack, she enrolled herself in a 12-week General Assembly Bootcamp. 

Faith has now landed herself a position in Envato’s apprentice development program. Envato provides a digital marketplace for creative assets. She describes coding as an addictive and cool combination of both logic and creativity and hopes to add as much value to Envato as they have added to her life.