Transferring skills to high-priority tech role

Stacey Lewis spent the first 10 years of her career consulting in the market research industry. After deciding she wanted to transition into tech, it helped her to reflect on what aspects of her work she enjoyed and how those fits with roles that she was eyeing off in the tech industry.

For her, she realised that she most enjoyed the analytical aspect of her job and decided that being a developer was going to be a good fit for her. Stacey after taking an initial course landed a spot in the REA Springboard to Tech program, designed to help bring gender balance to the tech industry through supporting women seeking a career change into tech or those seeking to return to the industry.

“The thing I love about working as a developer is that you are constantly problem solving and considering the impact of implementing features and changes.”

Stacey now works as a developer at REA Group, a global online real estate advertising company.