Filling a high priority gap for Australia

Erfana Skider grew up in Bangladesh where she graduated from university with a computer science degree. After 8 years of working as a software engineer in Bangladesh, Erfana made the decision to move to Australia on a skilled migration visa. Within her first month in Australia, Erfana received offers from five different companies looking for her skills. 

Erfana now works as an Engineering Manager at Rokt, a global e-commerce company, leading the TestOps team. TestOps brings together development, integration, and quality assurance to achieve a scalable testing solution for a hyper growth company like Rokt.

She enjoys the freedom she has to pave her own path in the company and the opportunity she has been given to work on new and unique concepts.

“In tech, they look for what you can bring to the company and if you are coming from abroad, you may have some different skills to bring to the table. It is important to work with your own skills, in an area that you are passionate about, so for me, this was my space, and when coming to Australia, I didn’t want to go into something else, I am passionate about this world.”