How to be a ‘cool mum’: reskilling as a software developer in your forties

Jaime was in her forties before finding her way into software development, a career that challenged her more than her work as pharmaceutical sales representative.

Jaime Gunther, Developer, Envato

In order to reskill, Jaime undertook a 12-week bootcamp with General Assembly and then undertook a developer apprenticeship with Envato, the company behind a world-leading online community for creative assets, tools and talent.

Now a fully-fledged developer at Envato, Jaime loves problem solving, the variety of projects that she gets to work on and the opportunities for career growth in tech.

In Jaime’s own words:

“I was just looking for something to challenge me. I speak a couple of languages and I thought that software development and engineering is another type of language. And yeah, I thought, why not try that?

“I have two kids, two young boys, and I just thought it’d make me a cool mum.

“Having kids can also be a bit of a drawback because you want security, and you want certainty. But if you can look at it from another perspective of being inspired and wanting to be a role model for your kids, then you know, as ambitious and as lovely as that sounds, it really was.

“What I like about being an engineer is that the problems never get stale-they’re always changing and they’re always different.”

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