From acting to tech

Maddie Clunies-Ross works at an Australian tech start-up, JigSpace as their Strategy and Operations Associate – a career path she never envisioned for herself.

Studying law and communications at university never really sparked her interest, so she decided to take action in her final year.

“I dabbled in acting, and for a period of time and thought this might be what I pursue. Because of this, I missed a lot of whole work experience so I started looking around for things I could do to gain experience during the winter break or one day a week during study. That’s when I came across Forage.” 

Maddie found herself interested in pursuing a career with a technology start-up. She knew these roles were highly competitive, so she needed a way to stand out as a candidate, a way to showcase her ambitions and genuine interest. Maddie decided to enrol in a virtual work experience program run by Forage and soon found herself with enough relevant experience to score a job in tech.

“My key goal was to show companies I had the initiative and a hunger to learn. I have a law and communications degree, so I needed a way to show technology companies I was ambitious and genuinely interested.”