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Our unique, data-driven research explores the impact of the tech sector, and key issues to address.

Meeting the AI Skills Boom

As the development and adoption of AI technologies continues apace, so does demand for workers with relevant skills. We forecast that AI has the potential to create up to 200,000 jobs in Australia by 2030, which will need to be met through a combination of entry-level training, upskilling of existing workers and mid-career retraining.

Released: July 2024
Research by: Tech Council of Australia, Microsoft, LinkedIn and Workday.

Australian Tech Leaders Survey 2024

We asked a group of some of Australia’s top tech leaders to share their perspectives on their priorities and expectations of the year ahead. Their responses provide valuable insight into the key opportunities and challenges projected to dominate this rapidly growing and important part of the economy.

Released: April 2024
Research by: Tech Council of Australia and Datacom

2024-25 Pre-Budget Submission

The 2024-25 Federal Budget is an opportunity for the Government to set out an ambitious plan to revive Australia’s dwindling productivity growth and create a more dynamic, competitive and innovative economy. 

Released: March 2024
Research by: Tech Council of Australia

The State of Australia’s Tech Ecosystem

Australia’s tech sector will play a crucial role in addressing the major economic, societal and environmental challenges facing our country. The tech sector, via both tech companies and workers, helps create a more dynamic and competitive economy.

Released: March 2024
Research by: Tech Council of Australia

Supporting Safe & Responsible AI

AI is the next major technological advancement that will supercharge our economy and jobs. Generative AI alone has the potential to add up to $115 billion to the Australian economy each year by 2030 through productivity gains and the creation of new businesses and jobs. 

Released: August 2023
Research by: Tech Council of Australia

The Hidden Value

America and Australia have always worked together to achieve a more prosperous and peaceful future, and as this report shows, cooperation in our nations’ technology sectors is increasingly a part of that story.

Released: August 2023
Research by: Tech Council of Australia, Microsoft & LinkedIn

The Geography of Australia’s Digital Industries

Geography matters when it comes to technology industry growth and development. Think Silicon Valley in California, Silicon Fen in Cambridge and Tech Central in Sydney. We identified 96 digital technology industry clusters in Australian cities and regions.

Released: August 2023
Research by: CSIRO & Tech Council of Australia

The Geography of Australia’s Digital Industries: TCA Companion Report

Tech activity and jobs are vital and growing pillar of the Australian economy, with 935,000 Australians working in tech across Australia. This report summarises the findings of the main report, The Geography of Australia’s Digital Industries, published by CSIRO.

Released: August 2023
Research by: Tech Council of Australia

Queensland Tech Jobs Opportunity

Queensland’s technology sector is a crucial driver of the state’s economy, employing over 140,000 tech workers. This figure is expected to grow to 185,000 by 2030, making it three times larger than Queensland’s agricultural industry today.

Released: July 2023
Research by: Tech Council of Australia

Shots on Goal

Over the last 20 years, Australia has built a stronger tech ecosystem that has enabled more startups to flourish. This has produced substantial economic benefits, with successful startups and scaleups becoming a new source of jobs growth, productivity and tech adoption across the economy.

Released: July 2023
Research by: Tech Council of Australia

Australia’s Generative AI Opportunity

While the full economic impact will take years to realise, GAI is already impacting a range of sectors across the economy. This report aims to focus specifically on how GAI could drive value for the Australian economy, and identify the steps needed to seize this opportunity.

Released: July 2023
Research by: Microsoft and Tech Council of Australia

Ensuring Victorian startups have the skills to scale

The Victorian startup ecosystem is a thriving hub of innovation. It is increasingly a driving force in the Victorian economy now employing more than 52,000 Victorians. However, as the sector’s growth accelerates, there is an increasing need to address the skills gap and develop a strong talent pipeline to meet the demands of our rapidly evolving industry.

Released: June 2023
Research by: LaunchVic and Tech Council of Australia

Stepping Up: The ESG impact of the Australian tech sector

With the growing role of tech in the Australian economy comes growing responsibility to ensure we’re having a positive impact on the Australian community and environment. This report covers the meaning of ESG, its top impacts and how the TCA and our members are approaching these impacts. 

Released: June 2023
Research by: Tech Council of Australia

Tech Jobs Update 2023

The Tech Council has a shared commitment with the Australian Government to reach 1.2 million tech workers in Australia by 2030. For the first time since making this commitment, we are providing an in-depth update on tech workforce trends.

Released: May 2023
Research by: Tech Council of Australia

Digital Assets in Australia

The report recommends the development of a principles-based regulatory framework for digital assets, such as private stablecoins, central bank digital currencies (CBDC), tokens and cryptocurrencies.

Released: November 2022
Research by: Accenture

Turning Australia into a regional tech hub

This report examines where Australia has a global comparative advantage in the tech sector, where our next wave of tech growth may come from, and how we can continue to attract new companies and investment to Australia.

Released: August 2022
Research by: McKinsey; with data contributed by AirTree and Techbase

Getting to 1.2 million

Our roadmap to create a thriving Australian tech workforce

This report sets out Australia’s tech jobs opportunity, the barriers we face to meet this opportunity, and what industry and government can do to reduce these barriers.

Released: August 2022
Research by: Accenture

Australia’s Tech Jobs Opportunity – Cracking the code to Australia’s best jobs

The past two years have represented a period of unprecedented change. We’ve adapted to living apart and socialising online.

This report defines the tech jobs opportunity, who already works in the sector and the benefits to working in the tech sector.

Released: February 2022
Research by: Collancer and Accenture

Roadmap to deliver one million tech jobs

Australia has experienced an unprecedented tech boom in the last ten years, creating around one hundred tech companies valued at over $100 million.

This report details the pathway for Australia to embrace the technology jobs opportunity.

Released: October 2021
Research by: Accenture

The economic contribution of Australia’s tech sector 

The technology sector has emerged as Australia’s third biggest industry, after mining and banking.

This report demystifies Australian tech through detailed analysis of jobs, economic and industry data.

Released: August 2021
Research by: Accenture